Care Instructions

  1. Pretty fabric should be against your skin with fleece against underwear
  2. Wrap the wings around underwear and fasten with snap.
  3. Genuine KAM snaps are very strong. Care is recommended when unsnapping so fabric doesn’t rip.
  4. Change pad every 3-4 hours or as needed for the heaviness of your cycle
  5. Absorbency indicator is sewn onto each wing as follows:
    • * - Light
    • ** - Moderate/Regular
    • *** - Heavy
    • **** - Super Heavy / Post-Partum
  1. Rinse soiled pads in cold running water until the water runs clear
  2. Hang over shower rail or clothes air dryer until dry and store in a bucket/wetbag until your cycle is over
  3. To remove stubborn stains, soak in a bucket of hot water (up to 60deg) with ½ scoop washing detergent and ½ scoop of Vanish (or other stain remover) for half an hour (don't leave too long or your fabric may fade).
  4. Rinse and put in with your normal wash cycle. ** Do not use fabric softener as it will affect the absorbency of your pads**
  5. Dry in the shade (to avoid sun fading) or in the dryer on low/med


Other important information:

All fabrics are pre-washed to ensure the natural fabrics have pre-shrunk. However for your own peace of mind, I recommend washing prior to first use in your favourite washing detergent.  Note, colour washable pens are used to trace patterns so there may be some discolouration of wash water the first time. Please do not be concerned with this as it will wash out in the first wash and not stain your other clothing.
Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted. However, if it is found that the product is faulty, please contact me so we can discuss a solution.
These pads are made by me in our smoke-free but dog and child friendly home.